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Here I post all of my entries for the TipsyLit Prompted Competition! The latest entry is always at the top of the page! Please rememer that English is not my native language. So if you find mistakes and typos, you can keep them


Prompted – What’s within the Circus Tent

Magic Focus

“You have got to be joking.””Why, what is it?”
“See for yourself.”
Anthea was supposed to have opened a portal into the British Museum so that she and Nathan, her partner in crime, could finish their job of stealing a precious painting. Instead, as Nathan opened the circus veil that had been installed as a magic door for portal magicians, opened into a, surprisingly and thankfully empty, room filled with gold bars.
Nathan closed the veil and sighed, ut ehind his annoyance there was also concern. “I thought you said your injury was healed. Why is your magic focus still off?”
Anthea blushed. Her arm had been injured, yes, but she’d rather die than confess that her magic focus was off, because thoughts of her partner, inapropriate ones, were disturbing her more and more lately.
“Sorry. I’ll try again. I’m a little out of practice.”
Anthea closed her eyes, murmured a spell and suddenly her folded hands were glowing. A gush of wind stroked the two mages in the darkness and only a second later, everything was dark again. Nathan once again pulled the curtain aside.
He sighed. “Are you sure you’re alright? We can always try again tomorrow.”
Anthea took another look and gasped, suddenly emarrassed.
“Oh god. I’m sorry. I’m just distracted. I’ll try again.”
She losed the curtain and tried to forget the drive in cinema she had just seen. Judging by the rocking cars and the noises of tires squeaking in the carpark, nobody was paying any attentiion to “Casablanca” on the screen. They were too busy snogging and … other things.
After three more tries (a lions cage in a zoo, the Niagara Falls and what seemed to be the south pole) Anthea explained that portal magic was:”Not-that-easy-and-will-you-just-stop-nagging-damnit?”
Nathan, scared by the lion almost cutting him in halves, freezing his butt off and getting soacked by the waterfalls, started to lose his nerve. Annoyed, he pulled the veil again.
“Oh.”, he said.
“What?”, Anthea asked exhausted. “Did I go wrong again? I swear to the Gods, if I’m wrong again…”
“No, no”, he reassured her. “It’s the British Museum alright. Just..”
“Well..”, he pointed to the view. “The top of it.”
Anthea looked past the veil and smiled. The crispy air stroked her cheeks.
“Well, we can work with that, can’t we?”
And off she went, into the night.
Nathan scratched his head, but smiled as he climed onto the roof and close the magic veil.Sometime soon he had to tell her he loved her too, so she could concentrace again. But not yet. They had a painting to steal.



13 thoughts on “TipsyLit – Prompted

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  2. This is such a sweet story. I love how he is playing with her a bit, knowing why she’s off and relishing the private thought. It’s a nice twist.

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