Druids and Wildflowers

Dear Readers!

As you can see, todays entry will be in English.
The reason for this is a recent publication on the DUNGEON MASTERS GUILD Website, where I have published a Homebrew Document for the game Dungeons and Dragons.

For all who don’t know it, D&D is a pen and paper RPG with thousands of players all across the world. With my contribution to the class of the Druid, players can now explore the world of Wildflowers.

Original Art by Pedro Morán

When choosing to play a Druid, the player decides to nurture their relationship with nature.
The Druid Circle of the Wildflower allows them to focus on researching and protecting endangered flora.

This is my first but certainly not my last contribution to the DMs guild, as I hope to add a lot more content in the future and share it with the community.

If you are a fellow D&D player or Dungeon Master, I am looking forward to your thoughts.

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